The Earl of Wessex visited a vaccination site in Windsor last week to pay thanks to the staff.

The site first started vaccinating on December 21 last year, delivering both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccinations.

Prince Edward visited the Royal Windsor Racecourse vaccination site on Thursday, May 6 and was shown around the site as well as being introduced to those involved in the vaccination programme in Windsor, including NHS staff, vaccinators and administrators.

The Earl also met with those receiving their injection and heard about their experiences.

The visit did not disrupt the vaccination of local residents who continued to have their injections while they spoke to staff, volunteers and patients.

Sarah Bellars, said: “It was wonderful to show His Royal Highness around the vaccination centre and for him to meet the hard-working team.

“We have a number of vaccinators working on the site ranging from retired colleagues who have returned to help with the vaccination effort, local GP practice staff, paramedics and school nurses from the local college at Eton.

"The Covid-19 vaccination programme really builds on all the work we have done previously, with the annual flu vaccines for example.

"But, this time, at an unprecedented scale, and we are forever grateful for the staff and volunteers that make it all possible.”

"We are very proud of the work we are doing here, and it is lovely to see and hear how pleased our patients are to have their vaccine close to where they live.

Dr Edward Harrison, said: “We are immensely grateful for the support of our staff and all the volunteers who have come forward to support our effort to protect as many people as possible from Covid-19 and it was an honour to see them to be recognised in this way.

“The volunteers have been fantastic in supporting the smooth running of our vaccination centre. With our strong links in the community, we have been able to work with volunteers from Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue to support the administrative entry of vaccinations given on the IT system at the site.

“Our volunteer marshals have worked outside through snow, rain and wind to ensure the flow of traffic and that patients can safely attend their vaccination.

“The Social Prescribing team, who recruited the volunteers, and all the volunteers themselves have been amazing and we are grateful to them for giving up their time to support the national vaccination effort.”

A volunteer at the site who spoke to Prince Edward said: “His Royal Highness was grateful for the work we are doing in difficult times. He was interested to hear about the local team who have been supporting the community and was pleased that local residents have been part of this effort and the real sense of community spirit”.