THAMES Valley Air Ambulance (TVAA) crews were called out 236 times in the month of April – more than double the 96 call outs received in April 2020, during the first lockdown.

The lifting of some Covid-19 lockdown restrictions on April 12, combined with warmer weather towards the end of the month, saw a spike in activity with crews dispatched to 16 incidents in just one day on April 26.

The last week of the month was the busiest for the charity’s critical care paramedics and doctors, with 83 call outs.

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The figures also show a rise in accidental injuries, from 20 in April last year to 50 in April 2021.

The number of road traffic collisions attended by the charity tripled from 10 in April 2020 to 31 last month.

Adam Panter, Chief Operating Officer at TVAA, said: "After such a long time away from friends and family, people are understandably very excited to get out and about.

"But, as these figures show, this can mean more accidents and injuries in the community.

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"With roads and public spaces busier, as well as people taking on DIY projects and getting back into sports, we’re urging people to be careful and not to put themselves or others in danger.

"We don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone but, if it does, we will be there fighting to give our community the best chance of survival and recovery.

"In the meantime, help us to help you by staying safe and avoiding unnecessary risks."