Almost 500 people have signed a petition calling for Eton College to reopen Dorney Lake to the public.

The perimeter to the site was closed in March of this year following reports of anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

A petition, launched on, has blasted the decision, claiming that the site is a vital local amenity to help residents exercise and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The petition states: "We are dismayed that there is no date for reopening Dorney to the local community.

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"Public access to the 400 acre parkland is a much appreciated resource, providing a safe, large recreational area.

"The Covid pandemic still requires us to maintain social distance and the Prime Minister urges us to seek fresh air and wide open spaces to meet and exercise.

"Government and national health bodies strongly advise regular exercise to combat obesity and mental health issues.

"So for all these reasons it is even more distressing to lose access to such a valuable space.

"Dorney Lake is one of the best local amenities providing easy access for the disabled, with many kilometres of level tarmac path within a beautiful, safe, natural landscape. 

"The perimeter has been completely fenced by the college to protect the site from anti social elements and there is now only one entry point.

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"Thus, strategies such as restricted entry numbers or reduced daily opening hours, adopted by the National Trust and other local venues, could easily be introduced.

"We urge Eton College to please reopen Dorney Lake to the local community now."

Many signees of the petition have left comments of support, arguing why they also feel the decison should be reversed.

Linda Kelly wrote: "Please can well behaved people be allowed to walk in this beautiful location, not just for physical therapy but also to help appreciate nature especially presently when the trees are at their best.

Julia Hodkinson stated: "Good for all our mental well-being.

"A few antisocial idiots should not be able to close this amazing amenity for everyone. 99 per cent of the time the lake is used responsibly by locals for exercise and recreation.

"Don't let a tiny minority spoil it for the majority."

Kirsty Lange added: "I enjoy walking at Dorney Lake it’s unfair that the behaviour of a minority spoil it for others please consider re opening this lovely location thank you."

To view the petition, click here.