DETERMINED firefighters used their tall ladders to rescue a beloved cat which got stuck up a tree.

Cookie the eight-month-old kitten got himself in a pickle after he climbed up a tall tree in Braywick nature reserve, Maidenhead on Tuesday, April 27.

He had spent most of his weekend "very stuck" in the tree until members of the public spotted the furry animal having a catastrophe.

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Royal Borough Observer:

The RSPCA said on their social page: "8-month Cookie, managed to find its way up a very tall tree in Braywick nature centre, Maidenhead, spending most of the weekend, 'very stuck'.

"Great panoramic views but not the most comfortable of weekends for poor Cookie and her owners who were despairing her disappearance."

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue crews attended the rescue operation with fireman dean climbing up the tall tree.

Hungry Cookie was rescued and taken home to his relieved owners.