A ROYAL funeral is a spectacle to remember especially when it happens in your hometown.

The Ceremonial Royal Funeral for The Duke of Edinburgh took place in St George’s Chapel in Windsor at 3pm today.

As a Windsor Observer reporter, I felt honoured to have been invited today (April 17) to take in the atmosphere of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh's funeral.

The sun shined and the clear blue skies painted a glorious picture in Windsor today.

Once I passed the security checks, I was inside the grounds and then taken to a room to watch the live televised broadcast and take in the atmosphere within the Royal's residence.

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It felt very special and surreal to be able to sit in the beautiful grounds and take in the day, despite it a sombre occasion.

However, for a Royal occasion, the scenes in and around Windsor were a stark contrast to three years ago for Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

The Long Walk would have been packed with roaring crowds hoping to catch a glimpse of the procession marching the two-and-a-half-mile stretch.

But today, fewer people were gathered in Windsor on police advice to watch the funeral from home due to Covid-19.

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It all began to feel real after 2pm when members of the Royal Family, who were seen for the first time together this year, departed the state entrance after the coffin was placed on the Land Rover hearn. 

A very poignant moment was seeing Prince Philip's cap and whip sat on the seat of a horse and carriage. This detail was added to mark the Duke of Edinburgh's love of carriage riding. 

With a stylish choreographed military procession marching through Windsor, it really was a fitting day the Duke would have loved.

It was chilling to hear the cannons firing off just a few miles away and the bell tower ringing for all of Windsor to hear.

What made the Royal funeral seem touching to me was the simplicity of a family coming together to remember a husband, father, grandfather and consort. 

There was a look of sadness in Prince Charles's eyes as he and his sister Anne, the Princess Royal walked behind their father's coffin.

Even though the Royal brother's the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William didn't walk shoulder to shoulder, it was nice to see them together.

Another moving moment was seeing the family congregate after the funeral had finished by deciding to walk together instead of going their separate ways as planned with Will, Kate and Harry seen speaking to one another. 

As a reporter who has lived in the Royal Borough all her life, getting to experience such a Royal occasion is one I and my fellow residents will never forget.