FROM UFOs to black rings in the sky, the strangest things have happened in Berkshire

In the past 10 years, residents from across the county have spotted weird things appear in the sky.

Here are just some of the spookiest things which have happened across Berkshire.

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UFO sighting in Bracknell

Royal Borough Observer:

Back in 2013, pubgoer Steve Holden spotted two-disc shapes in the sky and captured the bizarre moment on his phone.

At the time, Running Horse pub manager Marti March said it was "probably just a plane". 

He told the News: "I raced upstairs for a better view but it was so far away and was getting dark.

"I don't think it was a UFO to be honest with you, it was just flashing lights on a plane."

UFOS in Slough

According to Slough History Online, extraterrestrial life was reportedly seen in Slough in 1967. 

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The website said: "Two of the sightings were made by Bob Percival, the chief reporter at the Slough Express newspaper. As well as being a journalist, he also had over 25 years' flying experience.

"His sighting took place in the evening, and this one he was unable to explain away. He described it as looking like a blinking red ball with a cigar-shaped tail beneath it - like an upside-down exclamation mark.

"It was south-east of Cippenham, where he lived, and appeared to be north of London Airport. He observed it for 4 minutes during which time it remained perfectly still."

Flying saucers in Reading

Royal Borough Observer:

In 1975, The Chronicle reported strange sightings in the night skies with the headline ‘A host of Reading people are sure they saw flying saucers’.

It all began when Jill Bodman, aged 22, saw a bright, bell-shaped object hovering over the road in Winnersh.

Speaking to the Chronicle she explained: “It was a dull metallic grey colour but shone brightly when near reflected light.”

Mysterious black ring seen floating in Bracknell

Royal Borough Observer:

Residents were scratching their heads last year when a black ring appeared in the sky over Bracknell.

The ring was spotted by a resident with her smartphone after she visited Legoland in Windsor.

The smoke ring was in fact residue from the pirate show at Legoland.