We are blessed to live next door to the Queen and one of England's oldest and prettiest castles.

It was the wedding venue of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding and the Queen of England has been residing there during lockdown.

The ability to flit from city centre to the gates of a castle in mere minutes is one which we often take for granted, but the appeal of this seamless transition is one of the main things to consistently attract millions of visitors to Windsor each year.

In non-Covid times, thousands of people would visit the town each year to catch a glimpse of the building, while others would pay the money to look inside the Royal's residence.

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This popularity has seen Windsor Castle listed as the first top "thing to do" in Windsor on TripAdvisor, with St George's Chapel as the second.

It has been reviewed more than 13,000 times on the travel platform, earning a solid average score of four and half out of a possible five stars.

Many visitors choose to praise the picturesque scenery of the "stunning grounds" of which the castle sits and the abundance of food outlets nearby.

Others choose, instead, to focus on the fact the "area is overrun by large crowds" and "long queues" to get in.

However, the comments of other reviewers, while amusing, are downright bizarre.

Here five of the most peculiar reviews:

1. "Not a great deal to see really"

Despite the Castle having 1,000 years worth of architectural history, acres of land and beautiful gardens, Windsor Castle just wasn't up to scratch for Caravanjim who gave his visit two out of five stars.

"Might just be us being miserable, but the visit left us a little flat and not really on a par with other castles or places we have visited."

"The other thing that was desperately needed was somewhere to eat and drink. Maybe its deliberate that there is nowhere, as it moves the crowds through, without keeping visitors there all day."


According to Nell, it wasn't a good idea to visit Windsor Castle on a bank holiday nor was it a good idea to take his phone out and capture photos.

He felt like a cow being herded like cattle as one of the security guards yelled "'No, not that way, move along, no photos' and so on!"

He said: "We eventually got into the castle rooms, and out came my camera. Only to be told 'No Photos! Why the hell not? I have been going since I was a kid! We always took photos! I was so angry! We paid over 20 pounds to be herded around the castle, then told off for photos! No, there are no excuses for it."

3. "Nothing special"

A self-proclaimed royalists who goes by the name of UKCommuter gave Winsdor Castle a mere two stars.

"A notable example was being barked at to remove my hat in the chapel, despite already being in the process of removing it as my mother raised me correctly. Yet, other, female visitors were not challenged and were allowed to keep their hats on. A small gripe, but it frustrated me all the same.

"Also, word of warning to those that vape, you're not allowed to vape anywhere in the grounds. Obviously the same applies to smoking. "Furthermore pictures are strictly forbidden indoors, including the chapel and all staterooms. If you're caught trying to sly one in you'll be made to delete it on the spot. Again, I appreciate such security measures being in place, but within rational reason."

4. "Sadly, I was no longer feeling proud to be British but somewhat embarrassed"

You can't please them all and this one review about Windsor town proves just that.

John visited the castle back in January 2019 and said how he hard to pay £14 to park in a "smelly car park".

And if that wasn't enough, he said: "Proceeded to walk to the Castle but hey-ho it was shut as there was maintenance going on - stayed to see the changing of the guard which made me momentarily proud to be British again BUT...strolled down the high street and not only was it dirty - flower beds unkempt, paintwork peeling, shop fronts closed, paving uneven and inconsistent - and the very sad sight of homeless individuals occupying most bus stops and vacant shop unlit porchways. Sadly I was no longer feeling proud to be British but somewhat embarrassed - to think this is one of the tourist hot spots of the UK, well....!"

5. "Lots of shiny things"

One reviewer simply put: "It’s a castle. Very old. Lots of shiny things inside. Very very very expensive gift shops. Very busy"