THE Slough Conservatives have dropped two candidates ahead of the upcoming local elections following an investigation.

The LDRS reported the Slough Labour party called for Adil Iftakhar to resign his candidacy, who was due to stand as a Tory candidate in Langley St Mary’s Ward in May, alleging he is trying to claim a “seven figure sum” for his Chalvey flat, a claim he has denied.

Mr Iftakhar’s property is on the Tower and Ashbourne Houses site, which is earmarked for 193 social and affordable homes.

According to the local Labour group, the council had offered Mr Iftakhar nearly double the flat’s market value of £270,00 but was later rejected.

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They also claimed Mr Iftakhar’s council tax records show he never lived in the property. Again, Mr Iftakhar denied both these allegations.

After rejecting the council’s offer, a compulsory purchase order, which forces homeowners to sell up, was secured by the local authority.

Mr Iftakhar’s father, Iftakhar Ahmed, was due to stand for the Slough Conservatives in Wexham Lea – but the group decided to also remove him as a candidate as well.

No reason has been given as to why the Tory group removed Mr Ahmed.

However, Mherunisa Hussain, chairman of the Slough Conservatives, said in a statement: “Following notification of the allegations made by the Slough Labour Party, regarding Adil Iftakhar, as chairman of the Slough Conservative Association I launched a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the full facts of the investigation.

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“As is required under procedure, this matter was subsequently referred to Slough Conservatives Approvals Committee, which voted to remove Adil Iftakhar (Langley St Mary’s) and Iftakhar Ahmed (Wexham Lea) as prospective candidates for the upcoming elections on Thursday, May 6.”

In response to being dropped by the Tories, Adil Iftakhar claimed neither he or his father were told why they were deselected as candidates and does not believe an investigation was carried out, claiming the findings were not shared with them.

Iftakhar Ahmed declined to comment.