THE decision to clamp down on selfish dog owners across the Royal Borough and reckless cyclists has been delayed.

Last Friday, councillors on the public space protection order sub-committee were meant to convene to discuss and vote on two new protection orders, which would both last for three-years.

One of those orders was to introduce a borough-wide ban of dog fouling and “ineffective control” of dogs after the community wardens received “many reports” on the issue as well as receiving a request from the Parks and Countryside team calling for further control.

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The second order seeks to ban cyclists to ride through pedestrianised zones in High Street, Maidenhead, and Peascod Street, Windsor, after receiving reports for the areas to be for pedestrian use only, requiring cyclists to dismount in order to go through these zones.

However, the council said the report will be discussed and decided at a full council meeting on April 27.

This is because a Public Space Protection Order can only be heard at the panel meeting if it is in relation to a single ward. If it covers more than a single ward it needs to go to full council.

In a council press release last December, they hope these new orders will give officers “the tools they need” to tackle these types of behaviour and strengthen controls on dog fouling as current controls are “ineffective” in the borough.

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If passed, anyone caught breaking these orders can be issued a £100 fine, reduced to £75 if paid within 10 days, by the police and council enforcement officers.

An eight-week consultation was launched in December asking the public their thoughts on the plans.

According to the report, nearly 300 people responded to the online consultation, with a majority stating they strongly agreed or agreed with the proposed measures.