EXTENSION works at a Maidenhead school to create classrooms for children with special needs given the go-ahead by councillors.

Furze Platt Junior School in Oaken Grove was given permission to undergo two small, self-contained extension works to provide teaching areas for children with special needs.

The junior site extension would consist of one room as a group area and one as a learning area and the Infants site extension would consist of one room as a group learning area.

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Once completed, there would ultimately be 10 extra pupils and five extra members of staff.

The extension plans

The extension plans

Speaking at the Royal Borough Development Management panel, councillor Amy Tisi (Lib Dem: Clewer East) said: “I’ve worked in schools which have been extended in this way and it’s very clever the way that they do it bringing out little pockets of space and using them up.

“I really welcome this new resource space. I think it’s going to be a great resource for our children with educational healthcare plans.”

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Councillor David Hilton (Con: Ascot & Sunninghill), who moved officer recommendations for approval, said it was “good news” for the people of Maidenhead as the council will provide the funding for the building works and for the new staff.

Members of the planning panel unanimously approved the plans on Wednesday, March 17.