A map which breaks down the number of coronavirus-related deaths by each postcode has been updated to show where the worst and least affected areas are in Windsor and Maidenhead.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has recorded every death in England and Wales where Covid-19 has been mentioned on an individual's death certificate.

The deaths, which occurred between the start of the pandemic last March to December 2020, have either been caused by Covid-19 or the virus has been a 'contributing factor.'

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Information used to produce the statistics is based on details collected when certified deaths are registered with the local registration office.

The map indicates how many deaths have taken place in each area, and breaks them down month by month.

Three locations across Windsor and Maidenhead have recorded more than 15 deaths throughout the period, including:

Windsor Covid map

Windsor Covid map

Clewer New Town

Total deaths: 17

April: 6

May: 7

September: 1

October: 1

November: 1

December: 1

Cookham and Waltham

Total deaths: 18

March: 1

April: 7

May: 3

July: 1

November: 2

December: 4

Maidehnhead Highway

Total deaths: 17

April: 10

October: 2

November: 2

December: 1

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As local data is only available up to December, the numbers of deaths in the map will not reflect the latest trends.

In particular, the patterns will not reflect the recent rise in case numbers, as a death from Covid-19 will be reported some time after a positive test.