A NUMBER of flood alerts have been issued across Maidenhead, with more rain forecast for the borough in the coming days.

Maidenhead and Cookham has experienced a wet week and flooding which has caused high river levels and groundwater across parts of the county.

A flood alert has been issued by the Environment Agency with the warning “flooding is possible (and) be prepared".

This flood alert applies to the East Maidenhead area due to groundwater flooding.

Royal Borough Observer:

The Environment Agency has said: "We expect levels to remain high over the next few weeks in response to rainfall forecast across the area. Low-lying land and roads will therefore continue to be at risk of flooding.

"Due to the nature of groundwater behaviour, this situation could continue for several weeks or longer. We are continuing to monitor groundwater levels and will update this message next week on 19/02/2021, or as the situation changes."