A DERELICT pathway leading to Salt Hill Park and a broken glass-filled car park on a Slough road is what residents have been suffering with for over five years – and now they want the council to fix it.

The quick access way to the popular park for locals on Windmill Road has been blocked and abandoned for years as the hedges have overgrown to the point the pathway – which is owned by the council – is no longer visible.

It’s got so bad that they have grown over the fences of nearby properties and into their gardens as well as encroaching into the adjacent Windmill Resource Centre car park.

The lights on the pathway have also not worked for over five years, according to one resident.

A picture of what the Windmill car park looked like in 2008

The Windmill Resource Centre car park

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The Windmill Resource Centre car park – which is also owned by the council and used by residents to access Salt Hill Park – has also become a hazard, full of broken glass, abandoned vehicles, and an exposed deep manhole with no cover.

It has been left exposed for so long that one person smashed the centre’s fences and placed it over the hole as a temporary fix.

The open manhole with no cover

The open manhole with no cover

One resident, who did not want to be identified, said they and their neighbours have tried numerous times to get into contact with Slough Borough Council – only to be ignored or ‘fobbed off’ by various departments.

They said: “I think it’s a matter of priorities and I don’t think it’s that important to them [the council] right now.

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“When it comes summertime, this area is used all day for people to access Salt Hill Park.

“My own child has fallen over in this car park and had cut her hands and knees as well.”

A spokesman from Slough Borough Council said: “Remedial work has been undertaken to make the manhole safe and officers are endeavouring to establish what else needs to be considered and who is responsible for future work.”