WARNING: The image below may cause distress and upset to some readers

A goose has been shot in the beak in Windsor.

Rescuers from Berkshire charity Swan Support shared an appeal online after finding the goose shot in the beak.

A graphic image shared by the charity shows the Canada Goose with a large pellet in it's beak.

Wendy Harman, treatment and rescue centre co-ordinator believes he was shot with a catapult.

She said: "It's just disgusting and words fail me. I am just fed up with this happening all of the time. It is just pure evil and nasty.

Royal Borough Observer: Image from Swan Support shows size of pellet Image from Swan Support shows size of pellet

"When this happens to birds, it's not just the pain physically but mentally - they're happily swimming around and then they will be shocked. "It could have taken it's eye out."

The goose is recovering for now and is on antibiotics, but Wendy says he will have to have his beak rebuilt.

She added: "This has affected his nasals. He can't be let back out with a hole in his nose. What sort of person does this I just don't understand.

"If more people were vigilant and reported suspicious behaviour it would catch the people doing this. Just report it to 101 because that's what the police are for.

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"We have been rescuing swans and other water birds for over 30 years and every single act of vandalism is distressing for our rescuers."

A spokesman for TVP said: "We were made aware of this report yesterday just after 7pm in Barry Avenue, Windsor.

"Anybody with any information, or who believes that they witnessed this incident, should call 101, quoting reference number 43210066389."

"The goose appears to have been shot in the face with a lead bearing. I am not aware of the condition of the goose."

If you have any information contact Thames Valley Police on 101 quoting crime reference number: 20210216-1856