Health Secretary Matt Hancock has hit out at the person who insulted Professor Chris Whitty in the street, branding him “pathetic”.

The footage, which is undated, was uploaded to social media platform TikTok and was recorded near Westminster.

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A man holding the phone repeatedly says “you’re a liar” as Professor Chris Whitty pulls up his face mask.

The video was first raised by Conservative MP Matt Vickers, who branded the video “appalling”.

He said: "This is appalling, I really can't believe this footage. 

"Chris Whitty is doing all he can to help guide us through this crisis and should never be subjected to this abuse."

He added later: "The young man should be made to volunteer on a Covid ward. 

"Perhaps then he will feel a pinch of shame and embarrassment for his dangerous conspiracies and yobbish behaviour."

Mr Hancock appeared on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday morning and was asked what he thought about the video.

He said: "I think the individual concerned is pathetic, I think it is ridiculous what he is doing.

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"Chris Whitty is one of our greatest living scientists and his advice to the Government all the way through this, and his advice to all of us in the population, has been incredibly smart and thoughtful, and he is a great asset to this nation.

"The idea that someone would do something as silly as that is ridiculous."

He added: "Chris Whitty is a scientist of great repute and, frankly, he should be respected by everybody."