A cleaning spray that kills Covid-19 on surfaces for up to six weeks has launched in the UK.

The spray has been shown to kill almost 100 per cent of the virus on surfaces within 10 minutes of contact and has already been used at a number of locations in the UK, including two major airports.

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How does it work?

The antimicrobial spray creates a nano-coating on any surface it is applied to and will kill 99.9 per cent of any Covid-19 microbes, along with other harmful pathogens such as mould or fungi, that come into contact after just one application.

Unlike traditional disinfectants, the Zonitise surface antimicrobial spray does not need to be continually applied to a surface regularly to achieve a high level of protection.

Similar products have been found to only be effective for a short period, but once surfaces have dried, there are no residual properties to stop pathogens from harbouring and transmitting harmful disease again.

However, surfaces sprayed with Zonitise have been laboratory tested to reveal that the coating can kill 99.9 per cent of harmful microbes, including Covid-19, E-coli and MRSA, for up to 60 days after it has been applied.

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The coating is non-toxic and non-mutagenic, and is suitable for use on various surfaces in the home and in a public space, including carpets and furniture, as well as in shops.

The long-lasting nature of the spray, which has been independently verified by the Global Virus Network, means it is particularly useful for areas with high footfalls, such as schools and nurseries, where multiple children will interact with each other at a time and will come into contact with the same surfaces.

It has already been applied in busy areas around the UK, including both Gatwick and London City Airport, as well as hotels, health centres and primary schools.

As well as the surface spray, Zonitise has also launched an alcohol-free hand sanitiser which can protect against Covid-19 for up to eight hours.

Where can I buy it?

The Zonitise products have now been launched to the public and businesses following laboratory testing, and are available to buy online.

A bottle of the Zonitise surface antimicrobial spray is priced at £10.79 for 250ml, and only needs to be sprayed on surfaces once every six weeks meaning a house can be protected for around 30p per day.

Alternatively, a larger 500ml is available for £17.99 or a 5L supply for £119.99.

The Zonitise skin antimicrobial hand sanitiser, which is also certified to kill 99.9 per cent of Covid-19 microbes, can also be purchased online from £4.40.

Edward Tennent, a director at Zonitise, said: “The launch of these products, particularly Zonitise Surface Antimicrobial, means we’re able to give every industry, household, school, and workplace in the country more protection against Covid-19 than ever before.

“The recent rise in cases and hospitalisations in the UK and the closing of schools while we wait for the vaccine roll out shows just how important a product like this is to help make the environments we spend time in safer.

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“We’ve worked hard to bring products to market that go above and beyond just eradicating Covid-19 at point of use, by offering independently proven residual protection from harmful pathogens long after you have applied them.

“We’ve seen the success of our professionally applied surface treatments in the last year in many different environments, so it’s excellent that we can now make that same proven treatment widely available to help keep people safe in their homes and environments too.”