A row over plans to rebuild a youth football club's pavilion has split Eton Town Council.

The row has ended with one councillor resigning, claiming in his resignation letter that he has been subjected to  'continued unpleasantness and harassment'.

Duncan Reed resigned after five years on the council - after falling out with its chairman, Eton mayor Cllr George Fussey.

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Cllr Fussey had set up the 'task and finish' group which Mr Reed chaired to investigate the future of the pavilion in South Meadow Lane which has fallen into disrepair.

The group came up with a plan for Windsor Youth Football Club to take over the pavilion from Eton Town Council on a 25 year lease and rebuild it.

In his resignation letter Mr Reed accused the mayor and some other councillors of trying to stop the plan, which he says would have seen the pavilion on South Meadow Lane Recreation Ground become an asset for the community 'operated by an organisation that has need of it and will care for and love it for decades to come'.

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Mr Reed believes Cllr Fussey should stay out of the debate because he teaches at Eton College which might be affected by a rebuilt pavilion.

At last Thursday's meeting of the Town Council members granted Cllr Fussey a dispensation, which would allow him to participate in discussions about the South Meadow Lane Pavilion.

This was despite a motion put forward by Cllr Malcolm Leach saying that he should declare an interest because he is a teacher at Eton College.

Cllr Fussey replied that he would resign as chairman and mayor if he was forced to do this as the college covered half of Eton and he would be left unable to participate in any decision making if he continually had to declare an interest because he worked there.

This week he denied claims by Mr Reed he was trying to delay agreement over the pavilion's future saying: "I value Duncan's drive but as a Town Council we have to follow due process of law."

He said the pavilion is on common or 'lammas land', which raised legal questions that had to be faced.