A man whose street singing has made him a familiar figure in Slough over the years is about to see his dreams come true - after recording his song in a real studio.

Life had not been kind to Sydney Douglas. Early musical dreams were cut short years ago when he developed mental health related issues and became homeless.

He is now housed and treated by the Slough based NHS Partnership body Collaborative Care Solutions, lead by Mark Simon in partnership with the NHS

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Everything started to change for Sydney when his work was brought to the attention of Slough based DJ and music producer Stephen Ambrose - professionally known as Stevoss - who manages the studio at the Britwell Youth and Community Project in Wentworth Avenue.

SStevoss said: "I first came across Sydney in 2006. A pupil of mine showed me a video of him singing Reggae on the street when I was teaching music technology at Wexham School."

He was not in the best place in life and had lost his teeth but Stevoss was amazed at his talent.

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Years later Stevoss saw a video someone else had made. Sydney was still amazing passers-by with his singing.

Stevoss said: "This time I determined to find him and went on Facebook to ask for help. An old school friend Nicki Murray helped me find him and get him to the studio.

"He thought it was a dream come true."

Sydney recorded his own song 'Lose Dem Brain' to a beat Stevoss had already created. It will be released soon.

Stevoss also got him to play himself in a short 'reality TV' film called Dubplate Pressure made by his company Voss Arts Media playing himself.

When lockdown ends Stevoss plans to give Sydney a major role in an ambitious project he is undertaking to find talent on the streets.

He said: "Sydney is genuinely a nice individual. He is pleasant, motivated and entertaining."

Sydney said: "I want people to hear me singing in Slough and London, all over the country. I want to make a difference with my life via singing and stop people killing each other."