People who 'wilfully and blatantly' ignore the lockdown laws will face heavy fines that will be rigorously enforced says the Gold Commander for Thames Valley Police’s response to Coronavirus.

In a statement released today Chief Superintendent Robert France said: “Our officers will continue to engage, explain and encourage people to abide by the restrictions. Where people have genuinely misunderstood the rules, or where there is an element of complexity, a simple reminder of the regulations is often enough for them to comply.

“However, where we encounter people who are wilfully and blatantly ignoring the laws around Coronavirus we will look to enforce.

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“We have now all been dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic for some time, as such many people should be familiar with what is required of them, so where we see people are making a choice and deliberately ignoring the rules they should expect to receive a fine.

“Restrictions on social gatherings and certain businesses remain in place. Gatherings which breach the rules and unlicensed events should not be happening.

“We strongly urge anyone thinking of attending or organising one not to do so. Organisers of such events could be given a substantial £10,000 fine and those attending will face enforcement through a fine.

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“We have resources in place to respond appropriately and these will be targeted where the risk to the wider public is greatest."

He thanked everybody who was staying at home, saving lives and protecting their communities.

The full details of what you can and can’t do during lockdown are contained on the government pages -