WARNING: Some offensive language below and certainly not how we would describe our wonderful Berkshire county!

A LANGUAGE enthusiast has created a map of Berkshire with alternate (and sometimes a bit rude!) names for our favourite places in the Royal county.

Christopher Jagar, from New Zealand, posted his alternate ‘slang’ map of Berkshire on Reddit after sourcing nicknames for the county’s towns and villages.

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He said: “I have a background in linguistics, and am fascinated with how we play with words and language.

“The [nickname] 'data' was primarily given to me on Reddit then verified on Google and Twitter as legitimately being in use by people.”

Please be advised the map contains some nicknames some people may find offensive.

Royal Borough Observer:

The map has changed various place names.

  • Berkshire is now ‘Berky’
  • Thatcham is ‘Scratcham’
  • Newbury is ‘Poobury’
  • Tadley becomes ‘Turdley’

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  • Wokingham becomes ‘Woky’
  • Bracknell becomes ‘Cracknell’
  • Frimley [although not technically Berkshire] becomes ‘Grimley’
  • Slough becomes ‘Sluff’
  • Reading becomes ‘Dreading’ or ‘The Ding’
  • Datchet becomes ‘Datshit’

The map sparked a lot of interest on Reddit.

One user said: “I've lived in Reading almost all my life (had a brief stint in Newbury) and have never heard Berky, Farny, Cambo and The Ding in my life.. they sound like something an Australian made up.”

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But another said: “Ex Cambo resident here, been known like that for at least 20 years, and I’ve been referring to The Ding for almost as long.”

What do you think? What suggestions do you have for alternate Berkshire place names?