A thief has struck for the third time in three months at Dedworth's All Saints Church - this time stealing food and gifts aimed at families in need from the community hub there.

In the past the thief has stolen a computer, a music keyboard, sound equipment and a big screen TV from the church and its cafe.

But last night the culprit forced their way into the hub that adjoins the church, broke into cupboards and stole chocolate and biscuits designed for gift hampers - along with small 'stocking filler' gifts including a little diamante watch.

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The unwelcome visits are believed to be the work of one person who knows their way round the church.

Carole Da Costa, who is chairman of the West Windsor Hub at the church, said: "We have been improving security since the earlier break-ins. This time the person broke in through the front door in full view of the street, after trying to smash the window of the gents.

"It is not just that things that get stolen but the fact that the person always breaks in and the damage has to be repaired every time.

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"It is very disappointing. But the one good thing that has come out of it is the way the community has rallied round.

"People have been making donations to replace the stolen items and we will be making sure that children do get their presents and that hampers are given out as planned.

"It is good to know there are more nice people in the community than not so nice."

Mrs Da Costa is a councillor representing Clewer and Dedworth East ward for West Windsor Residents Association on the Royal Borough.