Royal Borough Observer:

The Royal Navy takes charge of guarding Windsor Castle today - following a successful inspection by some of the sharpest eyes in the British Army.

First sentries from a division of 35 sailors drawn from three fighting arms based across the UK took up their duties this morning.

They will be there until December 21.

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It is the third year that the Royal Navy has provided guards to the royal palaces, although numbers are reduced this year with a smaller division having been trained trained for public duties.

Royal Borough Observer: The same group that paraded at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday has remained in their bubble for training ready for the move to Windsor.

Victoria Barracks in Sheet Street was the site for the all important inspection by the Army’s Household Division on Saturday, making sure the Royal Navy was ready to take over from the Foot Guards.

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Captain of the Guard Lieutenant Commander Oliver James said: “It’s an immensely proud and privileged position to hold and it’ll be something to remember for the rest of my career.

“The inspection went really well, everyone has trained exceptionally hard for it.”

Household Division Brigade Major, Lieutenant Colonel Guy Stone led the inspection, accompanied by the Garrison Sergeant Major.

Both praised the high standard of drill and dress which they observed for an hour.

Royal Borough Observer: Leading Chef (Submariner) James Ellison, from Lancashire, said: “To become part of the Queen’s Guard at Windsor Castle leading up to the Christmas period is a highlight of your career and a massive achievement for the Royal Navy.”

Due to the restrictions of Covid-19 prevention measures, there will be no musical support whenever the Royal Navy changes the guard. The castle is currently closed to visitors.