A LEADING Windsor trader has hit out at the Royal Borough's decision not to introduce free Saturday parking in the run up to Christmas.

At a cabinet meeting last week lead council member cllr Andrew Johnson said: "Saturdays are busy days anyway. Putting additional pressure on when people are trying to be Covid safe is probably unwise."

He announced that Windsor will have free parking on Sundays leading up to Christmas and on Wednesdays after 3pm

The first free Sunday will be this weekend and the first Wednesday next week.

But the strategy has exasperated Brian McCormack, the proprietor of Snappy Snaps in Peascod Street, Windsor whose petition to get free parking over Christmas period has now attracted 1,646 signatures.

He said: "Free Sunday parking just brings us into line with Maidenhead which it already.

"Wednesday after 3 effectively just gives a two and a half hour window.

"It also coincides with the time parents have picked up their children from school so they won't be able to buy Christmas surprises then.

"I know the council need parking revenue at the moment but they have got the whole thing wrong. People are going to Guildford, Bracknell, Reading to shop.

"They are not coming here. Is three weeks free parking asking too much?"

He received a personal visit last week from deputy council leader Samantha Rayner, who he says was very pleasant and listened to his arguments. But he doubts the council will change its mind.

He said: "The number of signatures entitles me to address the council on December 16 but it will be too late then anyway."