A 71-year-old plumber who has served the Windsor community for 50 years has been devastated after thieves stole his van with a lifetime's worth of tools and equipment in it.

Pete Williams, of Stirling Close, Dedworth, has a special place in the heart of the community.

His daughter Amanda Hackett said: "He works seven days a week. He is just someone who likes to give.

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"He does a lot for old people. They trust him - he only charges for the parts and if he gets a small labour charge he will just give it to his grandchildren.

"There is nothing he can't fix. His catch phrase is 'I've got one of them in the back of my van'.

"Someone will be told their boiler is past repair. He will take one one look and say 'all it needs is this part' and they are so grateful at the money he had saved them."

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Now all that may be in the past.

Pete got home as usual last Monday and parked his van. About 8.30 to 8.40pm he looked out and it had gone, although it had been locked and alarmed.

Amanda said: "His phone was in it too.

"He has been so worried that people who might need his help can't reach him.

"He has got to start again from scratch now. It was not just his tools. He would do things like buy 200 copper fittings at one go - there were so many fixtures and fittings."

Pete, who is a grandfather to three, is also a regular volunteer at the Blue Acre horse sanctuary in Old Windsor where his plumbing skills have been invaluable.

This week he said: "You just have to get on with life. I won't let this put me out of action.

"I just hope they catch the people that did this."

His daughter has started a gofundme campaign and says she hopes to raise £5,000 to replace Peter's tools and stock.

The community has rallied round and already £1,200 has been raised.

You can find visit https://www.gofundme.com/manage/replace-petes-tools to make a donation.