A rescue dog who 'lived rough' in Windsor Great Park for three days after being terrified by a firework is safe at home again after a whole community joined the search for her.

Esme is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross brought over from a Greek rescue home by dog lover Jo Graves, 59, who spotted her online.

Jo said that she let Esme out into the garden of her home in Clewer Avenue, when a firework frightened her so much that she pushed her way out of the chicken wire designed to keep her safe and ran for it.

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For three days Jo, her three sons and her neighbours tried to find her.

Jo said: "She was spotted in Hermitage Lane. A van driver saw her run into Windsor Great Park.

"She ran across Sheet Street and was clipped by a car. The man tried to catch her but she got away."

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Esme ended up deep in Windsor Great Park Village where kind park wardens who spotted her helped by leaving food and bedding out for her.

Jo said: "We realised that as a rescue dog she probably thought she was being hunted and we must stop looking.

"I was frantic, then at 10pm three days after she ran off a neighbour rang my doorbell. She had seen Esme heading up the road towards the house, followed her discreetly and made sure I was alerted."

Esme is safe at home now after her adventure - enjoying her favourite meals of cheese and sausages.