A furious army wife accused of 'fly tipping' because she had put her wheelbarrow outside while working in her garden has had the penalty revoked.

Harriet Simkins lives on Windsor's Broom Farm army estate with her husband who is in the Household Cavalry and their two children.

She became one of the first to be issued with a fine when the Royal Borough employed a team of specialist enforcement officers to crack down on fly-tipping in Windsor and Maidenhead at the start of the month.

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Mrs Simkins said the family had checked with the estate manager if it was all right to leave the wheelbarrow just outside their fence, while she and her husband extended their patio - but the new wardens had their own view of the subject.

She said:"They knocked on the door and asked if the wheelbarrow was mine,

"When I said yes they said they were fining me for fly tipping.

"I told them it was outside while we were working on the garden and I would hardly fly tip my own wheelbarrow just outside my house but they would not listen.

"The fine was £400 or £200 if paid in two weeks."

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A furious Mrs Simkins appealed and a few days ago learned that the Royal Borough had cancelled her fine.

This week Royal Borough Councillor David Cannon, lead member for public protection said that the new wardens had been taken on to combat a growing problem in the borough.

He said: "The system is only in its first couple of weeks and misunderstandings can arise - but we want people to know they can always dispute a decision that think unfair and will always be listened to."