A young cellist and singer whose mother encouraged him to take up music to overcome childhood shyness has received a £2,000 award in recognition of his 'exceptional musical potential'.

James Li Jordan, 14, from Old Windsor, studies cello and organ at Winchester College and will receive the grant to pay for key musical costs such as instruments, equipment, music lessons and travel.

The award is given by Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) who help young people with exceptional musical talent.

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It received a record number of eligible applications this year.

James has already achieved a great deal, having been head chorister at Westminster Abbey.

His mother Christina said: "I'm very proud of him, he works very hard.

"He was very quiet so I introduced him to music, everyone needs a way of releasing their emotions."

Many former award winners have achieved great success in their musical careers.

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Chief Executive of Awards for Young Musician Hester Cockcroft said: “Musical talent is everywhere, but more than ever opportunity isn’t.

"AYM is here to change this and our awards programme is vital in helping enable talented young people achieve their musical potential."

This year’s award winners range from students of violin and piano through to the electric guitar and drums, to Irish bodhrán and Andean charango. AYM has also increased its support for young people creating original music, from classical composers to songwriters and electronic music producers.