Poppy sellers in shopping centres and supermarkets are usually a welcome sight in autumn - but for the first time since poppies were introduced as a symbol of remembrance they will not be around in Windsor this year, as the ongoing pandemic continues to wreak havoc.

Cllr Neil Knowles, who represents Old Windsor on the Royal Borough and is acting chairman of Windsor District Royal British Legion, explained that people would need to look for displays of poppies in shops rather than for a friendly seller with a tray this year.

He said: "Obviously the age of some of the collectors means there will not be the usual presence in shopping centres or at Tesco.

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"But people can still get poppies online and shops will still be selling them."

Cllr Knowles said that the rules were changing every day as British Legion branches everywhere struggled to keep up with the latest advice and guidance.

He said: "We have to find a balance between risk and raising money we need. It is a real tightrope and represents a big challenge."