The annual December Daily Dash in aid of the Sue Ryder charity is all set to go ahead in December - five years after Maidenhead couple Jackie and Mark Smith started it off.

They started it after Jackie’s dad Mike was cared for at the Sue Ryder hospice in the last months of his life. Growing from just 13 participants in its first year to 550 last year, the event has raised an incredible £100,000 to date.

Sue Ryder is a British palliative neurological and bereavement support charity. 

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Participants in the annual 'dash' commit to run, walk or jog 5k every day throughout December and with many people struggling with the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, Jackie believes this year’s event could be more important than ever.

She said: "When my dad died running was one of the things that gave me some head space – it always has done anyway but especially at that point in time exercise really helped to boost my morale and gave me the time and thinking space that I needed.

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"The great thing about the Dash is that it won’t be cancelled. Even in the depths of lockdown you could still go out and exercise and this is an event that is so accessible.

"People can take part in it independently or with friends and choose to run, walk or jog. I think this year in particular there will be so many people who will find December difficult and will need this sort of activity and focus to help them through.’

The idea of the 'dash' is for people to run, walk or jog 5K every day this December.

To take part, sign up at and record your daily distances.

For more information on Sue Ryder visit: