Langley College has received a big 'thank-you' from the mayor after opening up its kitchens to allow 100,000 hot meals to be prepared for people in need during lockdown.

The Mayor of Slough Cllr Preston Brooker presented a Certificate of Recognition for ‘the work done to save lives, keep people safe and stop the spread of Covid-19' to the college's CEO Kate Webb and to frontline staff member Gurpreet Nizzar, who organised the meals that community organisation Slough Outreach then distributed.

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As well as opening its teaching kitchens during lockdown to produce vital meals the college was also designated the One Slough Community Response Hub used to sort, store and dispatch food during lockdown, as well as being the base for the Virtual Call Centre.

Commenting on the contribution the college made during lockdown, Kate Webb - who is CEO for the The Windsor Forest Colleges Group that also runs Strode’s College and Windsor College - said: “We are very proud that our resources were put to such valuable use and our staff were able to also play their part in supporting our local community.

"I must congratulate Gurpreet and his team for their unstinting commitment in ensuring the most vulnerable in Slough and beyond were expertly catered for. We are honoured to receive this certificate from the Mayor, who we sincerely thank for taking the time to visit us today.”

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The Mayor and Mayoress were given a tour of the training kitchens where Gurpreet and his team were based during the lockdown. Gurpreet said: “We are enormously proud to have been in the position to support Slough Outreach. Instead of standing empty, our professional catering facilities, college staff and a team of volunteers worked tirelessly to bring healthy, home-cooked food to the vulnerable in Slough.”