The new school term is well underway - with early reports from Windsor and Slough suggesting that teachers and pupils are coping well with the 'new normal'.

The Windsor Boys School welcomed all its students back on Monday.

The school has organised the students into year group bubbles with separate zones, eating areas and entrances.

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Headteacher Gavin Henderson said that pupils were respecting the need to practice good hygiene and handwashing and keep socially distanced wherever possible. Teachers have already set about identifying learning gaps as they prepare students for examinations next summer.

He said: “To get everybody in the school community back has been an enormous challenge but I am so proud of the staff and students who have risen to this and are working well with the new regulations.”

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At St Bernard's Preparatory School in Hawtrey Close, Slough staggered lunches and zoned play areas have worked well - with classrooms reorganised to have everyone facing forward and one way systems introduced throughout the school.

Headteacher Nathan Cheesman said: "We are continuing to train new staff members in our remote teaching platforms, so that we are well equipped and prepared should any of our pupils have to self isolate and so they can access their education from home.

"With more restrictions on social meeting announced, we are very aware that we need to be flexible in our approach to teaching. We don’t want to compromise the standard of education that St Bernard’s Prep is known for, even if we have a local lockdown."