The Covid-19 testing centre at Montem Lane, Slough, is no longer accepting drop-ins by car - after the Government instructed it to stop.

The centre has been testing people arriving by car without any problems but has to obey the new national instruction.

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A tersely worded statement by Slough Council expresses the anger felt by officials, saying: "Unfortunately this is not something we as the council have any control over, but we are very concerned about the effect this has on our residents and town and have expressed our views strongly to the government.

"We would like to stress people should be respectful and polite to those on the Montem testing site; this was a national decision and not something they can go against."

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Theoretically only people with appointments will now be seen, although in practice people walking in without an appointment will still be seen if they have symptoms but are warned not to park in the surrounding areas on or yellow lines.

To make an appointment Slough Council advises calling 119 or