A DATA centre, offices, an energy centre, shops, and new homes could be approved this week by councillors.

Parts of the Langley Business Centre, Station Road, could be demolished and redeveloped as officers recommend members of the Slough planning committee give the plans the green light.

The outline planning application segregates the 6.5 hectare site into two sections – plot A and plot B – where the proposed actions could take place.

In plot A, up to 60 houses could be erected – some affordable – with retail, pubs, takeaways, and an energy centre which could accommodate of up to 800 sqm of floor space.

Plot B will take a larger part of the site where the date centre of up to 93,000 sqm gross could be constructed including offices and a sub-station.

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It is not yet known if the date centre would be one standalone building or multiple centres spread within the compound in plot B.

A 10m wide strip of land on the northern part of plot B will also be included to improve the existing pedestrian path that links Langley Railway Station and Station Road with Mead Avenue.

Both sections will provide car parking, new routes and open spaces within the development, waste, refuse, cycle storage, and a possible new plant.

Royal Borough Observer:

In the officers report, it states this development is to “take advantage of the site’s proximity to digital infrastructure in form of high-speed cable that links London, Slough and Berkshire, the West of England, and Wales, by developing the larger part of the site as a data centre.

“In doing so the development would take advantage of Slough’s strong digital economy.”

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Only three neighbouring residents objected to the plans on the grounds the development will cause loss of privacy, noise, increase of traffic and inadequate parking, overdevelopment is inappropriate for this location, loss of greenery, and increase of air pollution.

Planning officers acknowledge there are some ‘minor conflicts’ within the application against the council’s development plan – but conclude the site will make a ‘positive contribution’ to Slough’s housing stock (both affordable and market) and the proposed date centre will make ‘economic benefits’ in terms of jobs and the data economy.

Other planning applications to be presented to councillors for approval or refusal include revised plans to construct a two-storey extension on an existing second floor level to provide 90 new flats at 163 Bath Road, and the construction of two four bedroom houses at 14 Lynwood Avenue, Upton.

Councillors will also see a pre-application presentation of a possible development at the former Montem Leisure Centre for over 200 homes as part of the council’s Slough Urban Renewal Scheme.

The virtual planning committee will commence on Wednesday (September 9).