A mystery fire that put a home at risk could have been started by a careless passer-by or driver.

Firefighters from Langley went to a home in Uxbridge Road, George Green at 3am yesterday morning after receiving a report that conifer trees were on fire and that the flames had reached a fence and two garden sheds.

The flames were dangerously near the house but were put out safely in time - firefighters were on the scene an hour. The sheds were destroyed.

During a heatwave weekend when fires have broken out on fields across Berkshire and Surrey, grass verges have become like tinder boxes.

The affected garden sheds were only yards from the road outside the property.

Firefighters believe the mystery fire could have been caused by something as simple as a cigarette carelessly discarded by a passer-by or thrown from a passing car.

A spokesman said: "Everyone needs to be very careful during this hot, dry spell."