A charity that specialised in helping children expand their horizons through exhibitions and theatre performances has taken on a new role since the Coronavirus struck.

Busy Buttons - based at Windsor Yards shopping centre - is setting up a new online summer school, enabling children to participate for free in daily virtual sessions to keep them mentally and physically active. It will include art, history, science, yoga, Aikido, Pilates, plus to chance to take on challenging tasks led by trained professionals.

It is supported by Windsor Yards and the Berkshire Community Fund.

Free art kits are being delivered to families on low income, free school lunch beneficiaries or children referred from welfare officers within Berkshire.

The Online Summer School is open to all children, free to low income families with a 50 per cent reduction for those referred by a welfare officer. Families that can afford it are asked to pay £50 a week or £80 a fortnight.

The project aims to promote mental health, wellbeing and reintroduce a learning structure in preparation for resuming school in September.

Children aged five to 14 years can join weekly until August 20.

The sessions run from 10am to 1pm.

You can register on summer@busybuttons.org - details available on www.busybuttons.org