PLANS for a new gymnasium to be built at Windsor Leisure Centre have been approved.

The applicants, Links Gymnastics Club (LGC), which runs gymnastic classes across the borough, submitted a planning application to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council (RBWM) for a new building to be built next to the leisure centre located off Stovell Road.

LGC – which owns three gymnasiums in Old Windsor, Sunninghill, and Windsor – needs to build a new gymnasium to expand their capacity due to their ‘growing client base’ where, for about two years, they have approximately 600 students on the waiting list.

They currently support 700 gymnasts – where this development can facilitate 1200-1400 members/students.

Royal Borough Observer:

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The new, separate building will be located to the west of the centre which can be accessed via the main leisure through a short-covered walkway.

Once completed, the gymnasium will be 15 metres wide, 30 metres in length, 12 metres high, and 5.5-metre ceilings to accommodate the equipment.

In the design and access statement, it reads the site will provide “a valuable opportunity to grow the coaching programme, include the mentoring of future gymnastics coaches.

“With the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics [now 2021] the opportunity for the proposed development to be paired with the existing leisure centre facility presents an optimum opportunity to further increase participation in sports in the catchment area.

“While also encouraging the long-term investment in gymnastics facilities.”

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Royal Borough Observer:

RBWM planning officers approved the application – but added conditions for the building to add mitigation measures to reduce the risk of flooding as the site is located south of the River Thames– which means it has a medium to high probability of flooding.

Once fully built and operational, it is proposed the gymnasium runs from Tuesdays to Fridays (9am-8pm), Saturdays (9am-4pm), and Sundays (8am-4pm).

The gymnasium is proposed to have a lifespan for 25 years; on the assumption it will be maintained and repaired at the end of its lifespan.