Naval Airman Sophie Levy enjoyed an online chat with her boss the Queen on Friday.

Windsor girl Sophie, 22, a former member of Windsor and Eton Sea Cadets, is in the Caribbean on her first operational deployment as part of 1700 Naval Air Squadron on board the ship RFA ARGUS.

She was selected to join a special video call with the Queen who asked Sophie about her role on board.

The ship was deployed at short notice to the Caribbean region to support British Overseas Territories when the COVID pandemic first caused worldwide lockdown, offering humanitarian assistance in the hurricane season.

Sophie said: “I offer ground support to the helicopters: getting them ready on their spots preparing for flying.

"I am also a Firesuitman. In the event of a crash on deck I am first on the scene ready to fight the fire. We are preparing for the hurricane season and RFA ARGUS is going to offer humanitarian aid and disaster relief which will involve a lot of flying.”

She has met the Queen before. In 2014 on the opening of Holyport College Sophie was chosen as the Lord Lieutenant’s cadet to escort her.

Sophie said: “I had to meet The Queen’s car, open the door and salute. As a cadet I was the only person from the military there. I remember The Queen gave me such a big smile and told me I looked very smart. I was 16 at the time.”

Sophie and her shipmates have remained in quarantine on board ship for over one hundred days so that if they go ashore to offer humanitarian assistance, the people of the Caribbean can know that there is no risk of COVID from the UK Task Group.

But she has remained positive, saying: "Even though we cannot go ashore, I have never had the chance to visit anywhere like the Caribbean before, to sail past and see so many islands, to see the sunsets at sea. Then I even got to go up in a Merlin Helicopter when we flew over Montserrat. On board we also are able to go to the gym and we have film nights, so morale is good.”