The body of estate agent Harpreet Gill was finally spotted in the Jubilee River only 10 metres away from where her clothes had first been found two weeks earlier an inquest was told on Wednesday.

Ms Gill, 35, of Fairfield Road, Taplow, had been reported missing on March 1.

But early on March 3 a woman running with her dog by the Jubilee River near the Pineapple Pub in Lake End Road, Dorney spotted a dark quilted jacket and pair of black trainers on the bank.

When they were still there as she returned 40 minutes later she contacted the police.

It was not until March 18 that Kate Hipkin came to the same spot at 8am to train for kayaking competitions she competes in. She was returning to the bank in her boat when she spotted something in the water.

In a statement read out at the inquest she said she paddled over and realised it was a person when she saw an orange or brown tee shirt.

A post mortem revealed she had died from drowning.

Ms Gill was separated from her husband and Bucks coroner Crispin Butler said that notebooks found at her home marked with coloured pens had contained expressions of sorrow.

Returning an open verdict he said: "We will never know the answer to how she came to be on that stretch of river .... I don't want to speculate on what her thought processes were."