Good neighbours often share a common interest.

For Windsor residents Vivien Eden and Martin Rushent their mutual interest is in making the cost of new flooring go 'through the floor' - rather than 'through the roof'.

They have lived as neighbours in College Crescent for years.

Martin, 56, has worked in flooring for decades. Vivien's speciality is marketing.

Now they have combined their skills and come up with a digital concept called Haggleflor.

Customers needing flooring for homes or offices let them know details of what they want, when they want it and for how much.

Vivien and Martin will pass it on to their nationwide network of retailers who will compete for the order. The result will be a live auction and a customer who does not have to spend time contacting multiple suppliers.

Vivien, 44, is mother to two children aged 11 and nine. She is married to Paul who is an engineer.

She has also been a scout leader with Central Windsor scouts in Green Lane for five years and is a governor at her children's old school Trinity St Stephen Church of England First.

She said: "Having worked in marketing for some very technological industries such as telecommunications and finance in my career, it’s a different pace of life in the flooring world. There are some exceptional flooring product innovations out there, but we both felt that the industry needed a bit of help from digital technology to modernise how suppliers and customers interact."

Martin says retailers are lining up to use Haggleflor.

"They’re getting a chance at sales that may not have come their way and customers are getting amazing prices. A win-win.”