Twins Arjun and Anidrudh had a very unusual request for their eighth birthdays - no presents.

The twins, who live with their parents Ashwini Karkala and Sathisha Poojary had decided they wanted to raise money for NHS Charities Together by jogging for 100 miles around the area surrounding their home at Great Hill Crescent, Maidenhead.

Mum Ashwini said: "They had seen Captain Tom on television and asked what they could do to help the NHS. They thought that contributing money that would have gone on their birthday presents to helping them fundraise instead would be a good idea."

That was enough to raise £500 or so for a start, before they even began asking for sponsorship.

Of course the twins could not go jogging on their own at their age, so mum and dad took turns to accompany them to Cox Green, Furze Platt and other pleasant locations over the weeks it took to raise £1,373 during June, jogging three miles a day.

Ashwini and Sathisha are both software engineers. They have special reason to want to support their twins' fundraising for NHS frontline workers. Little Arjun and Anidrudh spent their early days in a special care baby unit, where they were taken care of for 17 days.

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