Destroyed trees will take time to replace a councillor has warned - following the appearance of an unauthorised caravan encampment on a prized nature reserve.

The saga began on Saturday when locally based Dedworth councillors Wisdom Da Costa, Carole Da Costa and Jon Davey were told by the unwanted campers who had set up on Sutherland Grange off Burnetts Road that they had come 'for a party in Datchet' and would leave by Tuesday.

But nine more caravans turned up on Tuesday and the group showed no sign of leaving.

Wisdom Da Costa said that he and Thames Valley Police went on to receive complaints about antisocial behaviour and criminal damage.

An S61 notice was then issued - requiring them to leave by 2.30pm yesterday.

Cllr Da Costa said today: "After speaking to officers, I can that that the travellers were moved on between 12.30pm and 1pm yesterday afternoon.

"All caravans were followed out of the borough by Thames Valley Police into Colnbrook but were prevented from setting settling in another area of land. The group then attempted to make their way back to Sutherland Grange but were prevented from doing so.

"The site has been secured and arrangements are underway to clear the site.

"Thank you to officers for their untiring work, and to residents who volunteered to help clean the site - though replacing trees that were destroyed will take a lot longer."