Campers who set up their caravans on Windsor's Sutherland Grange nature reserve told councillors they had come for a 'party in Datchet'.

The unauthorised encampment was set up on Saturday and was visited by area councillors Wisdom Da Costa, Carole Da Costa and Jon Davey who all spoke to the campers.

According to Wisdom Da Costa: "They advised us that they were here for a 'party in Datchet' and would be leaving on Tuesday evening; we advised them that they had set up camp in a nature reserve which was not appropriate. We asked them to arrange their vehicles sensitively to ensure that dog walkers and others can use the reserve.

"Tuesday came and went, and the campers were not true to their word. In fact a further nine caravans entered the site."

The Royal Borough had already determined that the site was not an acceptable place for caravans and police served notice on the occupiers to leave by 5pm Tuesday.

Since then increasing numbers of complaints have been received by Thames Valley Police and councillors about antisocial behaviour and criminal damage.

A S61 notice - designed to be used against trespassers - was issued yesterday (Wednesday) requiring the campers to leave the site this afternoon.

Cllr Da Costa said: "I want to thank a great many RBWM officers as well as police officers, who have worked hard to ensure that everything was done that could be done and should be done in accordance with the law, sometimes in difficult circumstances.

"We now have to assess the damage to property, the nature reserve and biodiversity and begin the clean-up and remediation of the site."