An angry resident has taken pictures of rubbish dumped in Windsor's Alexandra Gardens by selfish revellers.

The photos of the rubbish which was still scattered over a large area at 8.30am Wednesday morning have attracted wide attention on social media.

The debris seems to be the result of a celebration for someone's 40th birthday party, according to the evidence of a balloon left among the discarded food and drinks cans.

There has been growing concern that the closing of indoor venues has led to people behaving anti-socially in open park areas around Windsor and Slough - a problem that led to Dorney Lake being closed to the public, despite its popularity for many years with cyclists and dog walkers.

There were problems a month ago in Windsor - although a change in the weather calmed things down.

The return of the hotter weather seems to brought the problem back.

Deputy leader of the Royal Borough Cllr Samantha Rayner said: "We are really disappointed that people could be so disrespectful to our beautiful outdoor spaces.

"It is such a shame when people abuse them like this. It is dangerous for the wildlife - and particularly shocking at a time when we are all nervously coming out of lockdown."

"I have contacted all our park teams and wardens and they are having to work extra hours because of this, which is unfair as well."

Fellow councillor Wisdom Da Costa said: "I have arranged with officers re Alexandra Gardens to increase patrols, improve engagement and education of revellers, and have also asked for signage to be put up to further guide party animals. Where appropriate and possible, enforcement will be implemented."