Former Prime Minister Theresa May joined volunteers delivering freshly made vegetarian meals to NHS staff at St Mark's Hospital in her Maidenhead constituency.

She teamed up with volunteers from the Sewa Day kitchen at the Hindu temple in Keel Drive, Slough where they have been producing hot meals every day for delivery to hospitals, key workers and the vulnerable.

Sewa Day is a national charity with a flourishing Slough branch that has played a big role in helping people hit by the coronavirus crisis.

Volunteers and Mrs May swapped stories and thanks with the hospital staff they met - all safely socially distanced of course.

Sara Fantham, a senior Clinical Nurse at St Marks thanked the volunteers from Sewa Day for their support and donations and said: “The kindness of the local community inspired and motivated the staff over the last 12 weeks."

The previous week, Theresa May also joined Sewa Day volunteers and local children to deliver a care appreciation parcel to Sunrise Care Home in Sonning. In the last four weeks, children across Berkshire have delivered 30 care appreciation parcels to care homes.

Suhas Madekar, lead co-ordinator for Sewa Day in the region said “It was an honour to have the former Prime Minister support us on two projects. More importantly this was during Volunteers Week and a fantastic boost to all volunteers who have worked tirelessly across the UK to support the NHS and key workers. The crisis has really brought the best out of the community and I would like to thank all 245 local Sewa Day volunteers for their support”.