A 10-year-old boy from Maidenhead has joined a dedicated team of fund raisers who will be walking, running, dancing, cycling, climbing, and canoeing as hard as they can - live on the Heart Breakfast radio show all week.

Elliot Wilkinson is one of 'Jamie and Amanda's Charity Challengers' - raising money for a good cause of their choice and having their progress followed and supported by radio hosts Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden and their listeners.

Starting today Elliot will be cycling 1km a day for every child supported by the Alexander Devine Children's hospice in Maidenhead - making 26km every day this week and 132km in total.

His sister Pippa suffers from Infantile Syndrome and is looked after by the hospice.

Speaking to radio hosts Jamie and Amanda on Heart, Elliot’s father Allen explained how Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice supports the family.

He said: “Pippa goes regularly for care and gives myself and Danielle a break and they’re really good at supporting her development overall.

"I think the really great think about Alexander Devine is they're inclusive across the whole family. Elliot gets to go to sibling classes so they take Elliot for the day with lots of other siblings who have disabled brothers and sisters and they care for them as well to make sure they’re involved."

Elliot explained why he chose to do this challenge, saying: “I’ve chosen to do 132km because Alexander Devine support 132 children, so I decided to do one kilometre for every child.”

Jamie Theakston told him: “You’re an extraordinary boy. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a brother like you and I know that Pippa will be so proud of you."