Drastic measures to end forever the aggressive and anti-social scenes that have scarred beautiful Dorney Lake were agreed today - at a meeting aggressive and anti-social scenes attended by police, Eton College, councillors and the area's MP.

Appalling behaviour by drunken louts has forced the closure of the much loved site that once hosted Olympic rowing events and has been delighting nature lovers, cyclists and dog walkers for two decades.

A post went up on the Dorney Lake Facebook page yesterday, saying that the Eton College owned site was closed until further notice.

Today saw a meeting attended by Eton College's bursar Janet Walker and two of her colleagues, three Dorney Parish councillors, seven Bucks county councillors, four Thames Valley police officers and Beaconsfield MP Joy Morrissey.

Drastic action was agreed.

Eton College and the lake managers have decided the site will stay closed until September at the earliest. Security fencing will be erected at nine of the most vulnerable points including the main entrance. The ramblers' car park will be closed and fenced for the summer. The footpath by the main entrance and the Sustrans cycle path will also close - heartbreaking for the many walkers and cyclists who have peacefully enjoyed them for years.

Monthly meetings will be set up between Dorney Parish Council and the other parties to review the situation and update residents.

The mood of the meeting was summed up by Janet Walker, who described it as a sad day that had left no other choice. The college representatives had earlier expressed their sorrow for what residents have had to put up with over the past few weeks.

The trouble began in March when the lake's management team admitted a surge in visitors during lockdown had led to 'aggressive, unreasonable/anti-social behaviour including alcohol and drug abuse, littering, vandalism and bridge jumping which has had a significant negative impact on the local environment, events and the quality of life in the locality'.

A public protection order that saw police patrols and security guards establishing a presence on site failed to stem the problem.

The lake was constructed by the college for use by its pupils but the site has always been open to the public and enjoyed by Dorney villagers.

Things reached a climax at the weekend with cars causing gridlock through the village and reports of violence.