TV and radio presenter Charlie Webster had some vital life lessons to share with pupils at Claires Court School in Maidenhead during an online classroom session.

Year 6 girls from the school in College Avenue are learning at home at the moment.

Charlie was a welcome guest when she contributed to their 'thinking big' session, focussing on how to overcome challenges in life and look after their mental health.

Charlie has commentated on sport on television stations all over the world.

She told pupils: "When things are challenging in my life, I always break things down into small steps and bite-size pieces. Rather than looking high up at the top of the mountain, I just look straight ahead at my first step and focus on that. It helps things seem more manageable and less overwhelming.”

She said afterwards: “I loved talking to the girls. It’s so tough at the moment not being able to see friends and other family members outside of our homes.

"The questions they asked me were so considered and not just thoughtful but thought provoking.”

The 10 and 11 year old pupils valued the interactive lesson and Darcie Allanson said: “Charlie was inspirational and she showed us to not give up when you feel like you cannot achieve anything.”

Claires Court School has continued with online learning during the lockdown, mixing academic and screen time classes with creative, sports and fun activities.