A burglar who struck in Slough and Maidenhead has been jailed for three years.

Dean Wharam, 34, of no fixed address, attempted to burgle a home in Sheephouse Road, Maidenhead on January 6. The owner saw him in her back garden as she returned home and found the side gate open.

He told her he was checking peoples' driveways and drove away in a vehicle parked outside.

The victim then found her patio door smashed.

On March 14 he burgled a home in Elmshott Lane, Slough and on March 16 he struck at a property in Northborough Road, Slough.

The victim returned to his property to find it had been broken into and a number of items stolen.

Wharam was charged with the offences on 5 April this year.

Wharam was convicted and sentenced at Reading Crown Court on Tuesday, May 5 after pleading guilty to one count of attempted burglary dwelling and two counts of burglary dwelling.

Designated investigator Pippa Rouse, based at Maidenhead police station, said: “Wharam has carried out two burglaries and one attempted burglary, all of which were distressing for the victims.

“Thames Valley Police will not tolerate burglaries and will look to bring to justice those who carry them out, as this conviction shows.

“Wharam will now be serving a custodial sentence and I hope he takes the opportunity to reflect on his actions.”