Elliot Wilkinson, 10, became 'marathon man' for a week when he set out to raise money for the charity that has been helping care for his six year old sister.

His sister Pippa, six, has a life limiting condition and Elliot goes to the siblings club run by the Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service where he is able to meet other children whose brothers or sisters are ill.

He said: "I really enjoy activities they do and my sister loves going to the hospice for respite and day care. They, like other hospices throughout the country are still working hard during lockdown to provide important services and support for the children they care for.

"I have been watching Colonel Tom and how much he raised for the NHS and he has inspired me to do something to help raise money for Alexander Devine."

Elliot's plan was to run a marathon in a week - which meant at least 3.74 miles a day.

He hoped to raise £100 in sponsorship but ended up making £6,000 for the charity, which - like so many others - is suffering because of the closure of its shops and cancellation of fund raising events due to the Coronavirus.

He said: “I’m really happy that I had so many kind people cheering me on and donating to the hospice. It was great when I finished as family and neighbours came out of their houses to cheer me in which I wasn’t expecting. I enjoyed the challenge but I’m pleased to have a rest this week. Thank you to everyone that supported me.”

Catherine Northup, play specialist at Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service, said: “He has raised a staggering amount. Enough to help fund 109 specialist play sessions."

Elliot's mum, Danielle Wilkinson, said: “We are really proud of Elliot, he tried really hard and kept going even when he was tired. We are all very touched by the generosity from all our family, friends, colleagues and our wider local community for all their amazing support.”

You can contribute by visiting https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/elliot-wilkinson