It took six long years of sacrifice between the king's speech at the outbreak of war in September, 1939 and Churchill's victory announcement in May, 1945.

But Dedworth residents living near musician Damian Delahunty in Knights Close only had to wait three quarters of an hour between the momentous announcements on VE Day last Friday.

Damian has been keeping his neighbours cheerful at a distance with his weekly 'live on the drive' performances every Friday since lockdown began - but last week's was special.

Damian's husband Stuart Moir - appropriately dressed in uniform - read the king's speech at 4pm, before Damian sang wartime songs for three quarters of an hour.

Then came a recording of the Churchill himself delivering the victory speech followed.

During the evening Damian staged his usual 'live on the drive' performance accompanied by musician friend John Seaman - a special VE Day set.

The event was streamed online to raise money for the Royal British Legion - you can make donations online through the Facebook donate button -

Damian, 53 and Stuart, 31, were one of the first gay couples to marry in Windsor.

They were separated for two years while Stuart trained in New Zealand to be a commercial pilot.

Damian said: "Now he is waiting for lockdown to end so he can start work and hopefully get a job with an airline.

"I'm hoping we can celebrate VJ Day in August and that by that time we will not have to remain socially distant from our neighbours. I'm really looking forward to the day when I can go back to performing live gigs again."